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The Raymond Babin Memorial
Volunteer Service Award

This award is presented to any volunteer EMS/Fire/Rescue/ Hazmat personnel who has performed an outstanding act or provides outstanding service to the local and/or state level. This individual or agency must provide these services on a voluntary basis only with no compensation for said services. This award is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Babin, loving husband and father, devout parishioner, dedicated firefighter, educator, mentor and true friend.


Raymond Babin left this life on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 after a lengthy illness. He left behind his wonderful wife – Gwen Gros Babin, two daughters – Rae B. Adams and Renee Bower, three grandchildren, and son-in-laws Blade Adams and Rob Bower.


Raymond was a Parishioner of St. Philomena Church, a member of the Labadieville Volunteer Fire Department and chairman of the community fair several times. He served as an usher at the church and served as a member of the parish council. Raymond worked for more than 30 years at J. Ray McDermott, Inc., where he held several jobs throughout the company.


He joined the fire department on December 6, 1972 and served as line officer, second assistant chief, board member and president of the board. He was a member of the rescue squad and served many years as rescue director.


He was certified in hazardous materials, extrication, water rescue, firefighting, and was a Nationally Register Emergency Medical Technician. He was also a former CPR instructor and EMS instructor having instructed CPR, First Responder and EMT classes.


Through his efforts one of the smallest fire departments in the state hosted the Louisiana State Firemen’s Association Convention in 1999.


Raymond dedicated his life to helping others. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and brought a new meaning to the word “volunteerism”.


To ensure that Raymond’s memory will live on forever, RIPs Safety Training & Consulting, LLC will present this award on an annual basis to a deserving individual and/or organization for providing volunteer service to their community. It is our way of “keeping the spirit of volunteerism burning”.

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